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New Year New You Success Stories
Our 8th Annual "New Year New You" Transformation Challenge starts January 28th!
Georgia Del Freo
Teri Alberico
Maggie Schultz
Episode 67
Staying Healthy in the Summer
Episode 68
5 Things About Things from Places
Episode 69
Nutrition, Challenges and Boundaries
Episode 64
Special Guest - Ashley Daughenbaugh
Episode 65
7 Myths About the Lower Back
Episode 66
Lessons in "Fitness History"
Episode 61
The Car-sode
Episode 62
All the Ways Fitness Fails People But Shouldn’t
Episode 63
The How and Why Behind Twoguns Training Systems
Episode 58
Special Guest - Ryan Zapolski
Episode 59
Lessons and Reflections From The 2nd Annual FRS Summit
Episode 60
The FRS Summit Part II
Episode 55
Thoughts, Lessons and Knowledge from the Fitness Summit
Episode 56
Things That Shouldn't Happen at a Gym
Episode 57
Special Guest - Steve Johnson
Episode 52
The "PRI-cast"
Episode 53
The Science Behind Why The Exercise and Workouts You Do Matter
Episode 54
Special Guest - Lisa "Hyphen" Chimenti-Foster
Episode 49
Special Guest - Danny Twoguns?! Part Two
Episode 50
Special Guest - Danny Twoguns?! Part Three
Episode 51
Special Guest - Jeanette Anglikowski
Episode 46
5 Mindset Shifts to Help Reach Fitness Goals
Episode 47
Special Guest - Dan Popio
Episode 48
Special Guest - Danny Twoguns?!
Episode 43
Concerns After You've Joined the Gym
Episode 44
Special Guest - Rian Estok
Episode 45
10 Favorite Not So Traditional Exercises
Episode 40
Special Guest - Mercedes Sundy
Episode 41
The "Shovel-cast"
Episode 42
Special Guest - Tom McAraw
Episode 37
The "F the BMI" Cast
Episode 38
The New Year's Resolution Cast
Episode 39
Concerns, What to Know and What to Look For When Joining a Gym or Fitness Challenge
Episode 34
Things That Are Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals
Part II
Episode 35
Special Guest - Jake Walters
Episode 36
Special Guest - Professional Baseball Pitcher Chris Vallimont
Episode 31
Special Guest - Kathleen Storer
Episode 32
Things That Are Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals
(That You May Not Be Aware Of)
Episode 33
Special Guest - Meg Sova
Episode 28
Special Guest - Danielle Bane
Episode 29
Fit Pro Guest - Clayton Weakley
Episode 30
(Continuing) Education, Growth and Vulnerability aka The "Seinfeld" Episode
Episode 25
Getting Tired vs Getting Better
Episode 26
Special Guest - Chari Figurski II
Episode 27
Fit Pro Guest - Tim Lesniewski
Episode 22
Fit Pro Guest - Nate Delycure
Episode 23
Special Guest - Mary Timashenka
Episode 24
"Exercises People "Over 50" Shouldnt Do"
Episode 19
Fitness Myth Busting Part III Nutrition Edition
Episode 20
"The Alignment of Words and Actions"
Episode 21
Special Guest - Amie Cochran
Episode 16
Special Guest - Erin Turner
Episode 17
" All the Spine "Stuffz" "
Episode 18
Special Guest - Pam McAraw
Episode 13
Fitness Myth Busting - Part I
Episode 14
Special Guest - Rachel Loper
Episode 15
Fitness Myth Busting - Part II
Episode 10
Special Guest - Amanda Maphis
Episode 11
Solosode + FAQs
Episode 12
The "FUPA-sode"
Episode 7
Special Guest - Teri Alberico
Episode 8
Investing In Yourself and
Genuinely Caring
Episode 9
Special Guest - 
Georgia Del Freo
Episode 4
Special Guest - Maggie Schultz
Episode 5
Kinstretch and the FRS Summit
Episode 6 
Fit Pro Guest - Geoff Lewis
Episode 1
Introduction Stuffz
Episode 2
Special Guest - Chari Figurski
Episode 3
Education and Nerding Out
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The Erie Fitness "Lifestyle" Podcast is all about cutting through the lies, myths and misconceptions of the fitness industry with science backed training and nutrition information combined with real stories from real people who have made major transformations in their fitness, life and health.
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