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Episode 67 - Staying Healthy in the Summer
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Highlights of the Episode
1:07 - Quote of The Day/ Molly Galbraith

6:50 - Summer and Willpower/ Dan Getting Sciency On Motivation and Willpower

10:02 - Willpower and Healthy Lifestyle During the Summer/ Enjoy the Summer - You Don’t Have to Be Strict and Don’t Judge Those Who Aren’t Strict

13:20 - Geoff On Your Summer Surroundings Having an Impact on Your Choices

18:18 - Environment Feeds Decisions/ Control the Controllable/ Even Geoff Struggles with It/ Don’t Mentally Abuse Yourself About It

29:21 - Stop Cutting Carbs and Start Cutting Stress/ Worry About Sleep and Hydration First

35:29 - What to Do If You Can’t Sleep/ Environment with Temp, Screen Time, Black Out Curtains/ It’s Very Multifaceted
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