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Episode 66 - Lessons in "Fitness History"
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Highlights of the Episode
2:44 - Quote of The Day/ Just Because A Person Carries It Well, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Heavy

5:40 - Main Topic of Today Lessons in History/ Our Origin Here

6:33 - Dan Getting Started 2012/ Geoff Was Already Working

7:30 - What the FMS Is/ What Is It Used For/ Why Use It

19:02 - 2012 Joined Coaching Group with Alwyn 

19:33 - 2013 DVRT/ What It Is/ What It Is Used For/ Birth of The Ultimate Sandbag/ Application of DVRT and USB

35:16 - May 2014/ Myokinematic Restoration Intro To PRI/ Changed Everything Anyone Knows About Posture/ How the Posture Translates into Movement

42:07 - Mark Fisher and Unicorn Society/ Unicorn Palace of Glory and Dreams

44:58 - FRC And Kinstretch 2016/ Application of It/ Why Mobility and Stretching Are Different/ Deeper Dive into Assessments
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