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Episode 65 - 7 Myths About the Lower Back
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Highlights of the Episode
0:46 - Introduction to the Episode, Lower Back Event, and Low Back Myths

1:43 - Myth Number 1 - Physical Therapy Pain Management is a Long-Term Solution

5:58 - Myth 2 - MRI Imaging Shows Degenerative Disk Disease

9:34 - Myth 3 - Nothing Works for Back Pain, Low Back Pain is Forever

17:16 - Myth 4 - Not in Shape Enough to Help Fix My Low Back

21:41 - Myth 5 - Strength Training Helps Back Pain

22:47 - Myth 6 - Yoga is Good for Low Back Pain

28:29 - Myth 7 - Training with Machines are Good for Low Back Pain Issues

39:11 - Dan’s Plan for his Back Presentation/ Explanation of what Clients Actually Needs

42:06 - Best Long-Term Solution for Back Pain is Walking/ Walking Rant

47:20 - Walking is not the Place to Start/ Assessments and Proper Programming is/ First Program is Always the Hardest to Write

56:55 - Full Circle/ Low Back Pain and Depression
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