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Episode 64 - Special Guest Ashley Daughenbaugh
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Highlights of the Episode
1:04 - Ashley Starting at Twoguns Training Systems/ What Took Her So Long to Join/ Facebook Brought Her In/ Longest Gym Commitment Yet

3:48 - Fitness Before Joining/ Always Got Hurt/ We Meet You Where You’re At

7:00 - Ashley’s Big Win/ Enjoying Hobbies/ Changed Goals Through the Process/ We Are A Different Kind of Heavy

10:10 - How Were You Able to Stick with Us for So Long/ Atmosphere and Community

13:25 - Fitness Before Twoguns Continued/ Boot Camp Experience Lead to Injuries

18:30 - 3 Favorite Exercises/ Inchworm, Bear crawl, Hip Thrust

23:57 - How Did You Get Todd Here/ Aging and Keeping Joints Pain Free

34:23 - Least Favorite Exercises/ USB Shoulder Lateral Step Ups, RFESS, Low Box Squats

39:14 - Fence Question/ Prioritize Yourself

39:36 - Advice for Those Who Don’t Like Where They Go Now/ Community

41:00 - Most Improved Thing Since You Started/ Confidence
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